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I have found that attempting to put a complete graded set of the ZAR series in both Proof & Mint State together is both challenging and most rewarding. Due to the scarcity of certain of these coins, the search is often extensive and most exciting. The “difficult” coins that come to mind are :

  • The proof Pond
  • The proof Half Pond
  • The proof Penny
  • Mint State  1895 Pond, Two shillings and Shilling
  • Mint State  1896 Shilling 

Virtually the entire 1893 date set with the exception of the Sixpence, Tickey and Penny. The other rarities –

  • The Burgers Ponde
  • Veld ponde (with & without the slash)
  • The 1898 Overstamp 99 Pond 
  • The Sammy Marks Tickey 

This past time is absorbing and great fun – It is like being on a treasure hunt and provides me with a constant source of adventure. Collecting this series is a great passion of mine and sharing this with likeminded persons is my mission and therefore the purpose of this website.   ATTENTION  ATTENTION  ATTENTION READ THIS IMPORTANT MESSAGE EXTREME CARE MUST BE EXERCISED WHEN DEALING WITH DR CHRIS ANNANDALE (ex South African) of BURNS LAKE BRITISH COLUMBIA CANADA He has a conviction for dealing  in stolen goods  ( Google : Francois Christo Annandale) To read the full story link to the Blog below


The following attempt at a blog was created by Ahmed Tayob of Ewaan Galleries formerly Bullionvault to try and negate a blog which I am preparing which will show how he attempted to extort me with claims of racism.

Google his name and you will be amazed at what comes up.

The link to his pathetic attempt at a blog www.zarracist.co.za these allegations are without proof and Tayob will be cited for defamation.



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